Friday, November 26, 2010

Ode to My Roof

The first couple of months we were here, it wasn’t possible to sit on the roof and watch the sun set. It was just too damned hot.  But, now, the weather is perfect.  Almost (not quite, but almost) from the moment I wake in the morning, I look forward to around 6pm, at which time I head up to the roof (very often with a cold beer—yes, I’m usually having a cold one during the evening call to prayer, a juxtaposition which I kind of enjoy, truth be told), plant my chair along the west side, lean back, put my feet up and watch the sun go down over the Atlantic.  Every sunset is different.  Even the ones I expect to be crappy because it seems too cloudy, or not cloudy enough, or too hazy, aren’t.  They are always spectacular.   I look out over the ocean, my view framed by palm trees on my left and a building on my right, and I watch the clouds and the sun, the water and the waves, the birds and the fishing boats.  And when I say fishing boats, I mean the brightly colored pirogues used by Senegalese fisherman, probably for centuries.  You wouldn’t think it by looking at their boats, which are beautiful but seemingly so basic, but these men feed a nation.
When I head up the stairs and open the door to that view, I am so incredibly grateful to be here.  I feel like I’m becoming a little addicted to that view, and I wonder what I will do without it.  If I ever live on the ocean again, it will have to be a west coast somewhere.  I’m not sure that an east coast view of the sunrise and my morning drug, coffee, will do it for me.  It’s the sunset and the beer that are my cuppa tea.
It’s quickly becoming routine for the three of us to sit up there, and for the last couple of nights, we’ve been staying up there until it is quite dark, marveling at the stars once the ocean fades from view.  I’ll be ordering a book on the constellations for Christmas, for sure (let me know if you have a suggestion).  If we’re going to learn anything about the stars, this is the place to do it.  Grace is captivated by the idea of shooting stars, which she has never seen.  She asked tonight if I could just please, please, please show her shooting stars on the internet.  I’m resisting.  How is that magical at all?  Luckily, Elijah supports my reasoning.  So, please let me know if you hear of upcoming meteor showers.  I’d like to get Grace her shooting star before we go home.

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  1. For all your constellation identification needs this website and magazine has it all.

    Plus it will tell you about up and coming meteor showers :)
    Keep looking up. There's a whole universe to explore!